At Age Concern Heathfield we like to recognise the huge amount of time that our volunteers willingly give to us and from time to time we hold a social event to express our gratitude to them. October saw just such an event with our Minibus Team being invited to attend a morning of training and fun!

The topics for this event were ‘Everyday First Aid’ and ‘The Roles and Responsibilities of Minibus Drivers and Escorts’.  We were assisted by Melanie Compton, a Heathfield and Waldron First Responder, who helped and supported us in presenting these important topics.

The drivers and escorts were as lively as ever, presenting us with lots of questions and thought provoking scenarios. As usual there was lots of banter and fun together with an array of homemade cakes and sausage rolls – an essential part of any get together!

Our next event is planned for February 2018 where the focus will be on Dementia Awareness.